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Dekorativa blad

Mörkgrön mitt med ljus kant

Enligt Christina Ghiasvand: Även namnet 'Warrancy' förekommer tydligen. Gwen Ward, som är jättetrevlig och som jag har träffat själv, skriver 2010 i sin blogg om Warrain: "I first saw this beautiful plant at the South Australian Pelargonium Society Annual show in Adelaide about four years ago when I was visiting my family there. I made a note of the name it was shown under - Warrancy" "I found it's proper name is Warrain. It is an Australian bred plant, and was introduced in 1989 by Georyl Pelargoniums, Victoria, Australia. I have been in contact with Beryl Stockton, owner of Georyl Pelargoniums and she does not know where it came from. " "To further confuse matters, I found the plant is available here in the UK with either the name Warrin, or Warrion. However, I can confirm that it is definitely named Warrain." Gwen Ward är mycket pelargonkunnig och har olika poster i The Pelargonium & Geranium Society och trädgårdsföreningar.